03.Dec.13 9 months ago
I'm really happy that you're having a fantastic time living in New York (seriously, that's so great), but I kind of selfishly want you to move west so that I can ask you out sometime.

It is, indeed, a fantastic(ally stressful) time!

But honestly I’d really like to live out west at some point in my life. I’ve only ever been to SF but I loved it. Portland and Seattle are next on the list.


15.May.13 1 year ago


Here’s a little more of an update than me just saying “Brooklyn bound.”

I've now stepped into the life of every other twenty-something creative post-grad trying to make something of themselves in NYC. Welp!

-Realized my flight attendant job alotted me absolutely no time to pursue my real career goals/why I really came to NYC. Plus, it was utterly draining, so I resigned. (I will find another way to travel!)
-Landed an internship in the photo department of Complex Magazine/Media that starts next month!!! So stoked for all the things I’ll learn there.
-Got a job as a Hostess at Spice Market, which is probably the coolest restaurant I’ve ever been in.
-Apartment hunted my ass off and am moving to Brooklyn in two weeks with Liz Howell! And our new place just so happens to be a block from Malia Griggs and Cori Hanky. Whattttt. (We all worked at G&B together in college and may or may not have something up our sleeves in the near future)
The past month and a half has been the most stressful and scary time of my life and full of huge decisions and risks, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am beyond excited for what the future holds. I’m going to work my ass off to get to where I want to be, and then continue to work my ass off.
HERE GOES NOTHIN’, Y’ALL. I’m here to stay.
15.Apr.13 1 year ago