typical me.

All through high school, I was one of the few people who were pretty dead set on their career choice. Mine was going to be Graphic Design.

Then ‘ole Photography came along and stole my heart and soul.

Then magazines came along and stole what was left.

So, for the past couple years, I’ve been set on working in magazines and hopefully become Photo Editor at a pretty awesome one some day, and doing my own photo stuff on the side.


Portfolio reviews came along. One of my reviewers was a lady who works at the Museum of Art here in Columbia. She said with my editing experience and my minor in Art History, a curatorial career could be a good option for me. NEVER REALLY THOUGHT OF THAT! But I liked the idea.

I didn’t apply to grad schools this go-around, because the ones I really want to go to ARE SO DAMN EXPENSIVE. I can’t possibly afford to go to one of them AND live in NYC at the same time. Just not happening right now.

Well, Now I’m thinking about going to grad school for Art History. Columbia University or Corcoran Collage of Art and Design are currently my top picks, but my chances are probably slim. Columbia has ties with big museums in NYC and Corcoran has ties with big museums in DC. While NYC is where I want to move ASAP, I think DC could be a good idea. I have family there, so I could probably live with them, acquire an internship, and go to school.

So basically! I want to be a gallery or museum curator and do photo work on the side. And maybe one day far, far away, be a professor. Maybe even get my PhD. Dr. Kobos sounds pretty legit, right?



AND SO CLOSE!!!!!!!!

  1. ifeltforsurelastnight said: If it makes you feel any better, I’m a junior in college (it’s spring so I’m almost/basically a senior) and I literally just switched my major last week from biology (on the pre-veterinary track, nonetheless) to psychology. What is future.
  2. meredithbklyn said: you should look into SCAD in savannah!! go gamecocks :)
  3. tasharosee said: Sounds like your plans for the future are coming along nicely! Best of luck to you in whatever you decide :)
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